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Our Mission

Our Vision


Gulf Hygiene Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 to meet the total requirement of quality cleaning materials in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and won the distribution of a reputed multinational
manufacturer of industrial cleaning chemicals i.e. Henkel/Ecolab based in Germany, Ideal – U.K. and 3C – UK manufactured by Fayfa Chemicals in U.A.E. With the age of time and with the help of professional technical and sales team today Gulf Hygiene Co. Ltd. is serving throughout the Kingdom with a full satisfaction of our valuable leading clients having very good share of the cleaning requirements of the Kingdom.


Almost all the sectors are being covered with professional ways i.e. total housekeeping, laundries industrial & coin, kitchen hygiene supplies and relevant janitorial equipment needs of the market.

Major service sectors include hospitals, hotels & motels, private contractors and institutions etc.


With the age of time and through the dedication and firm commitments of our professional sales and technical team under the supervision of higher top management today Gulf Hygiene Co. ltd. is covering all potential sectors of cleaning areas for supplies of quality and cost effective materials like hand care, floor and carpet care, general purpose & glass care, restrooms, disinfectants, sanitizing, germicidal, kitchen and laundry and dishwashing hygiene products.


We are proud of products and the people who make them happen. We thank you for keeping us first in maintenance and allowing us to say “Gulf Hygiene ………. Clean across the Kingdom.

Our Mission

 Our main goal is the satisfaction of our valued business partners through our quality and cost
effective products and after sales professional services, staff training and support.

 To provide a comprehensive approach to save environmental impact. Sustainability is not
just about protecting the environment – it also involves economic progress and social responsibility.

 To provide sustainable solutions go beyond green to help you create a cleaner, safer and
healthier environment.

Our Vision

 To continue pioneer the most cost effective high quality products.

 To provide satisfactory services after sale.

 To work for the protection of our environment and to help make your job easier through our diligent research and development.

 To lower energy consumption by supplying innovative solutions that are designed to use less water without compromising effectiveness i.e. no rinse product formulas, wash In walk no
rinse floor cleaner.

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